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ISLSP Welcomes New Board Member
& Structured Finance Committee Chair

ISLSP welcomes Gregg W. Humphrey , CEO of Ovadya Family of Companies and his associates.  ISLSP is proud to appoint Mr. Humphrey to sit on the Advisory Board.

ISLSP appreciates the efforts Ovadya has put into building relationships with QIBs and bond asset managers to educate them on life settlement structures.  Ovadya’s team of professionals will spearhead ISLSP’s Structured Finance Committee Chaired by Mr. Humphrey. 
Welcome Letter

Ovadya will further develop and formalize ISLSP's RAMM (Risk Assessment & Mitigation Methodology) technology and explore implementing a web-based solution to automate and standardize risk assessment best practices.

Differentiating Non-Institutional / Retail Investor Types & Suitability
Sophisticated/Unsophisticated Accredited Investors - Qualified Purchasers (QPs) - Family Offices - VCs - Private Equity - Hedge Funds - RIAs - Fund Managers...

WEBINAR: New Steering Committee Roundtable
- Currently Available Retail Products/Structures & Purchaser Representatives
- Issuer Transparency & Understanding Full Disclosure
- Debunking Marketing Material Hype & Valuation Methods
- Examine Passed Fraud Cases & Identifying Fraud Risk
- Establishing Baseline Suitability Checklist, Look-through Rules
- Drill-down Product Risk Assessment & Due Diligence Best Practices

  Friday, October 22nd, 1:00 PM ET

Finalize "Investment Marketing Professional" Certification Training

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ISLSP, ( International Society of Life Settlement Professional's mission is to build confidence among investors in Life Settlements as an asset class.  We accomplish this through investor educational services, monthly teleconferences, networking events, professional certification programs and access to a standards based risk assessment protocol and valuation best-practices for Life Settlement investments.

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