August 2009

Volume 1, Issue 1  

The Investor 
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International Society of Life Settlement Professionals


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Investors Gain Confidence

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24/7 Exchange Forum!
ISLSP's monthly investor webinars are now complemented with 24/7 online follow-on discussions to showcase professionals, their expertise and delineate the issues revolving around implementing investor best practices to help them leverage this unique asset class. 24/7 Exchange 

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Andreas Hauss, Founder
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George Polzer, Executive Director
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Jim Maxson Elected Forum Moderator  Jim Maxson, Of Counsel at Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP will moderate the Sharia Compliance 24/7 Exchange Forum.

Our Newsletter  Published monthly, emailed to subscribers and available to the public on ISLSP's website: The Monitor

Investor Reports 
ISLSP is proud to announce that we are dedicating staff to research and compile information on all life settlement investment vehicles. We continually monitor, analyze and drill down on fund data as it becomes available to our staff.
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Industry Alliances  We are in discussion with key industry firms to explore synergistic & operational partnerships to better service investors. Discuss your ideas with us on: 24/7 Exchange

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